#26: Say What You Want

So this is my first real attempt at writing, composing, recording, and editing a song with vocals. I really enjoyed the whole process and think its going to be something I continue to do over the next few years. I have no illusions that I sound like Adele, but I think I can be a pretty decent singer/songwriter given time to develop.

Oh and disclaimer, I lipsynced, and recorded the audio later on my microphone. This was to avoid pasting together multiple video files and splitscreen it. That's a huge pain and I didn't want to mess with it.
And if you're interested, the end effect was achieved by layering multiple vocal harmonies.



  • SupaFin says:

    Wow! Impressive. Catchy, clever, and pleasant. "Bookstores" caught me off guard, though...maybe "Coffee and..." would be smoother. I think I prefer the lip-sync to splitscreen, anyway...I'm glad it's easier.