#25: Titanium - Christina Grimmie Tribute

Rest In Peace.
I woke up on Saturday to learn that one of my favorite YouTube singers Christina Grimmie was fatally shot in Orlando FL. Now despite how devastating this is, I want to distance myself from the sadness for a moment to talk about something a little different. I want to talk about the impact she (and others like her) made on the music industry and aspiring musicians like me.
Christina Grimmie was one of the first of a wave of YouTube musicians that broke the traditional way of how to be a musician. If you're not familiar, the traditional means goes something like this:
1. Be a good musician
2. Get a label
3. Have that label push your music onto radio, into music stores, or into the hands of music critics.

You could be as good as you want at number 1, but if you didn't have good networking skills or were in the wrong city.. tough luck. Now here is where Christina Grimmie was different. She didn't have a record label, she didn't have any networking to get a backdoor into music, instead she (and others) pioneered a new wave of musicians who took their music straight to the fans themselves. This was largely done through YouTube, and obviously, they deserve some credit as well for the changing music industry. However. It was the individual musicians who really made the difference in the hearts of the listener. Yes, Youtube was helping create a meritocracy, but what we just cared that an artist of our choosing was free to connect with us how they saw fit. All that mattered was rule number 1. How good are you? Seeing Christina succeed through YouTube really changed the way I looked at a music career, and I believe that inspiration from her and others like her will carry on into a new generation of hopeful musicians.

My thoughts and prayers are with her family. In the mean time, all I could think to do is play one of my favorite covers by her, Titanium. She will be missed, but she is in a better place. You can find the her version here:

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