#21: Blog 2.0

Hello again!

Welcome to the new cstwins(.net), which has been entirely rewritten. Previously I had been running our blog using wordpress, but I had grown frustrated by the lack of customization options.

It was tempting to rewrite or cut some of the previous blog posts for quality's sake, but I've left it untouched. My younger self wrote some cringey stuff though, so proceed with caution and please do not hold these against me! Comments from users have been wiped clean, I'm sorry to say. There were so many spam comments in the old blog that I couldn't retrieve the valid ones. Sorry y'all! Now our blog has some protection for that kind of thing.

For the programmers who care, I'm using Django and Python for the backend with a theme based on Google's Material design.

I hope you like it! Please let me know if you like it, and definitely let me know if you find any bugs. :)

Glad to be back online,
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  • Terminator says:

    I am not a robot :) ...beep beepboop